Why Sell on Tonza?

The Tonza App allows you to turn your smart phone into an entire studio and production unit. It goes everywhere you go. Snap sexy selfies. Make content, upload it and start selling directly to fans. They can even send you cusom requests.

Easy & Saves Time

You can use your phone as a camera and video camera to make content of yourself or others. Then simply use the app to upload it and sell it in your store. Make and upload content on the go, from work, throughout the day, on vacation...the possibilities are endless!

Reliable Payments from CCBill.com

Tonza uses CCBill.com to process and send payments. CCBill is a well known and trusted payment provider for adult content transactions. They pay reliably every week and have online transaction & payment stats.

You Own Your Content

The content that you upload to Tonza is owned by you and can be removed at any time. It's your content, you are in control of it. You don't have to be online to make money, your Tonza store is open 24/7 with your content available to be purchased.

Instant Alerts to Fans

Fans who bookmark you can recieve instant text messages when you upload content. As soon as your pictures or videos go live, they get an alert. Imagine, dozens of loyal fans buying new stuff from you multiple times a day.

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